Mv Iu아이유 Palette팔레트 Feat G Dragon Mp3

Kanye West - Whatever You Want Ft Big Sean Lyric

let me tell you bout a bad ass chick everybody wanna grab her
tryna climb on it looking for a ladder
n*ggas wanna stab her dag her dag it
everybody want it ain't to many had it
beauty and brains went to all her classes
graduated to even went and got her masters
bad ass chick prolly could of been an actress
so what she do, she went to be an actress
moved to manhatten shit got real
took acting classes with denzel
leading lady like hillary grabbing big bills
commercial money baby ten thousand and the mail
yea, plus she had a baby boy
and the n*gga she was with, man she couldn't love more
still want more, so she's on the road
moved to hollywood, she could prolly get a role
and she did
but realized the n*gga wasn't shit
addicted to the broads and on top of this
she pregnant with another boy
honestly thought abort
but still had the boy let's name him sean
prolly after Connery
one of her favorite actors,
but acting ain't promising
yo, I know there are certain things that were meant for you
and thats why I'm giving you whatever you want

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